35-Day Unparalleled Total Immersion Down The Rabbit Hole To The Deepest Levels Of Personal Development, Spirituality And Self-Actualization Known To Man 
My Life's Work That Almost Killed Me...
My name is Austin. And I wanted to tell you a story today that may be hard to believe...

Back in 2010, I was your average lost college student. Deep down I had this nagging feeling that I could be doing more with my life, but it felt like I had no idea what that was.

Even when I did feel like I got a potentially good idea, it always seemed impossible to accomplish. Or like it just wasn't "for me".

I was totally confused, frustrated and paralyzed by fear. WAY MORE it seemed than other people I knew.
I Needed a VISION for My Life!
In my quest to "find myself", I did what every half-nerdy kid would do. I started experimenting, traveling and DEVOURING information in order to figure out this thing called "life".

I learned from




...Spiritual Teachers


...Personal Development Coaches


...anyone with just "common sense"

...and starting several businesses!

NO ONE and NO TOPIC was off limit!

I didn't know what I was looking for at the time, but the things I began to learned shocked me to my core... I even decided to abandon a cushy job on WALL STREET in New York at one point to continue my "mad scientist" behavior.

After over 6 years of this mind bending research and soul searching, I had a vision for my life that LIT ME UP inside. I knew exactly "Who I Was" and what I wanted. 

And NO ONE could tell me otherwise.

You see, my whole life growing up I had struggled to fit in a box someone else had laid out. But now I finally understood I had it backwards the entire time.

Life wasn't about finding a box and conforming to it. It was about making your own box.

That's when I understood I was an entrepreneur.

Once I embraced this, that nagging feeling that there was "more" I was missing out on was gone. I had a Vision for my life and knew EXACTLY how to get there.

But as I looked around, I noticed that there were many others who did not have this sense of clarity and understanding about their own life.

I saw

...artists struggling to make a living from their passion

...professionals strongly wanting to break out of the "system" or being stuck in a career they didn't love

...millennials wanting to change the world but who weren't sure about their calling

...single parents who had bills to pay and mouths to feed

...aspiring entrepreneurs plagued by their own thoughts and emotions

...parents going through a mid-life crisis

...people with success but little to no "meaning" in their life

...people who wanted more but didn't feel they had the motivation or time

...people who cared too much about what others thought about them

...people feeling like they "lived for the weekends" and dreaded work
"Why is everyone so CONFUSED?"
"Lack of Vision" is an epidemic in modern society.

People are lost because there's just so much misinformation out there that only harms. They haven't been exposed to those dirty "secrets" society likes to sweep under the rug.

So I started sharing my insights that I had over my "mad scientist" years, knowing it could make a difference. I helped found a personal development group began writing on AurumReviews.com.

The results were INSANE. I never received so many "thank yous" in my life!

I had an ability to show people the steps to finding a Vision for themselves. AND how to achieve it with lethal accuracy...
But It Wasn't Enough
I could only reach so many people "in person". And while AurumReviews.com was great, it didn't address this problem specifically.

I had to do something else. I had to make something that everyone could access and would change their life.

So I went back into "the lab" and started pouring my heart out into fleshing out everything I knew about finding a vision for your life.

When it was all done, there was only two words that kept coming to me.

Vision Quest is the ULTIMATE 35-day course on finding a Vision for your life and then giving you steps to EXECUTE on it!

Vision = the "WHY" "WHAT" and "HOW" of your life purpose

Quest = the TAKING ACTION to actually achieve it!
Just Imagine Being Able To
  • Having a vision for your life that INSPIRES you everyday
  • Being the HERO of your own life
  •  Becoming the best version of yourself
The premise of Vision Quest is simple.

Everyone has a vision for their life that would bring them fulfillment. Everyone has the potential to be successful at something they love.

But there's mental barriers blocking you that we've got to SMASH.

This course is not about just giving you "new things to learn". You've got enough to learn.


I am going to go into your mind like a scientist and rewire your identity as you know it.

When you do this, finding your vision and executing on it becomes completely NATURAL and EFFORTLESS.

You're riding a bike down hill...with a gas powered engine ;)

You can't NOT do it because we've cleared everything holding you back.

Don't think I'm selling you a magic pill...it won't always be easy to the point where you can just be lazy and do nothing...I think you're smart enough to know that.

But you will be one of those people who just seems to always know what they want and WIN.
What's Inside Vision Quest???
Full Lesson Layout
  • Introduction
  • #1 -- Take Responsibility
  • #2 - Vision
  • #3 - Negative Imprint Theory
  • #4 - Stretch Your Reality
  • #5 - Mediation for Wisdom
  • #6 Intuition
  • #7 What Do You Want
  • #8 Official Vision Setting
  • #9 Identity
  • #10 Limiting Beliefs
  • #11 Commitment to Self-Awareness
  • #12 SACT
  • #13 Rewriting Limiting Beliefs
  • #14 Law of Attraction
  • #15 Shadow Work & Self-Love
  • #16 Desires Over Beliefs
  • #17 Continual Inspiration
  • #18 Inspiration and Desperation
  • #19 Different Consciousness Motivations
  • #20 Strategy and Long Term Vision
  • #21 Be Flexible
  • #22 Link Everything to Your Why
  • #23 Burn the Boats
  • #24 Skill Building
  • #25 Process Orientation
  • #26 The Power of Asking
  • #27 Habits
  • #28 RAS
  • #29 High Vibration vs Low Vibration
  • #30 Overcoming Resistance
  • #31 Self-Trust
  • #32 Gratitude
  • #33 Momentum
  • #34 Nuance, Contradiction and Paradox
  • #35 Flow
"But You Don't Even Know Me? How Could You Tell Me What I Want"
-Potential Skeptics
People are all unique. But we're often not as unique as we'd like to think. Most of our wants, desires and problems are all extremely universal.

Once you understand the principles behind creating a VISION for your life, you can teach it to anyone. Those principles are what I MASTERED.

And yes, 35 days is a short period of time. I wouldn't expect anyone to realistically accomplish ALL their dreams in that time.

BUT you can make amazing progress. Just one slight tweek can send your life in a completely new direction.
More INSANE BENEFITS You'll Get Practically By Accident...
  • Rock Solid Confidence In Any Situation
  • Destroying Old, Destructive Habits Like They Were Nothing and Installing New, Positive Ones
  • Rewriting the Software of Your Brain For Success
Amazing Features!
Instant Download! No need to remember a password or account. Have Vision Quest at your fingertips all the time, at your convenience
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But You Can't Just Wish For It
Forget about all that stuff about things just "falling" into your lap.

If this is something you want, you HAVE to take action!

Look, the older I get the more I realize how precious Time is.

It really is the only thing you'll never get back...

Yet so many people live like they're going to be alive forever!

Every year that goes by is another year wasted.

If you don't do something to handle your life now, do you really think you ever will?
Oh, plus I'm offering LIMITED TIME BONUSES
Bonus #1
The Complete Aurum Reviews Book List List of 100+ life altering books I recommend from my blog at AurumReviews.com
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Bonus #3
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Investing in Vision Quest not only means having the peace of mind that comes from knowing you're doing what you love, but having the practical skills and confidence to take of yourself and those you love.

So how much would handling this problem so you don't have to worry about it again be worth to you?

How much is living without dread and fear worth to you?

$1,000? You'd easily rack up that much in bills by going to a life coach.

$5,000? Still not unreasonable considering that having a strong Vision for your life often translates into millions of dollars.

$10,000? We're getting into the prices most people pay for in a college education to "find themselves" (hint it usually doesn't work very well)

These are the realistic prices someone might pay to obtain this kind of knowledge. Remember it took me years to figure this stuff out.

But what if you could have it...

...not for $10,000

...not for $5,000

...but for $49.99???

Because that's the price I'm offering to you right now to get Vision Quest!

Does that sound insane? For those of you doing the math, you might spend more on ONE tank of gas or expensive haircut (lol).

You're not evening breaking a fifty...

So why would I offer Vision Quest for such an incredibly low price?

The answer is simple. I want us to work together in the future, and so I want you to truly feel like you got an AMAZING deal right now when you purchase Vision Quest.

An ecstatic customer is the best way to grow a brand. And that's why I made sure that Vision Quest over delivers massively.
Full access
One Time Payment
  • Instant Automatic Download
  • 35 Daily Lessons
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
No Risk! 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
I believe in Vision Quest so much that I'm offering a 60-Day money back guarantee. If you haven't gotten 100% of the value you expected out of this course, your money will be refunded.

Just show me that you went through the whole course! Take the full 35 days.

But I seriously doubt that will happen once you see what's inside Vision Quest...
Look, you can't lose. Even if you go through the whole course and decide it wasn't worth it, you'll STILL get your money 100% back, no questions asked.

But don't forget, the price doubles after the launch period! So take action now!

I've done everything I can to make this deal literally as low risk and high reward for you possible.

It CAN'T be more one sided.

Is a couple minutes of your time worth altering the course of your life forever?

People don't believe that's possible...and those same people never get anywhere.

Even if you perceive there to be a potential risk, show me an activity where there ISN'T risk involved.

That doesn't mean to be dumb, but this kind of investment is far from "dumb".

You have to honor your life. It's the only one you've got. And the clock is ticking...

Don't let this pass you by!

Don't let this be just another opportunity you "could" have taken!

Commit to a life free from suffering and that inspires you!

Commit to Vision Quest!


Austin Kourakin
Grab Your Copy Of Vision Quest
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