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Facundo Raganato, The Author

“Austin had made a very insightful review of my book, finding new key elements other reviewers have not seen. It has been a privilege to be reviewed by someone who has read so many books in the same deep genre. Also, I am very grateful for the interview we had. Besides that is was very enjoyable, we talked about certain philosophical topics one does not get to talk in a regular basis, which inspired me greatly.”
Burbuqe Raufi, Dr. Mind

"Unique services, unique reviews – Austin's services are fast, professional and honest. What more can an author ask for?"
Mel Jones, 90: Building the Ultimate Empire

“Thanks to the awesome review given by Austin I received a big spike in my book sales. It did better than some of the big Podcasting platforms that I’ve been on this year. Austin does a really thorough job of book analysis and has been a big asset for my book sales”
Jason Navallo, American Dream
“As an author, receiving truthful feedback is key, and Austin’s invaluable service has certainly helped me for future works!”
Patrick Gruhn, Good Business
“I shared my book ‘Good Business’ with Austin and enjoyed the review process very much. He displayed some true diligene and has a keen eye for the right details. Many thanks for the review”
Shynna Key, Wealth Is A Mindset
“Austin is phenomenal! The review for my book was real and professionally well written!”
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