Want To Change Your Life Right Now?
Discover My Most POWERFUL SECRET For Creating Your Dream Life
This is Austin Kourakin, and I want to share a story with you
But first I have to ask. Are you feeling...
  • Like you're not living up to what you know you could be?
  • Like you're tired of working a dead-end job?
  • Like you just can't seem to find that thing you love to do?
  • Like something is holding you back from achieving your dreams?
  • Like you want to lose weight and eat healthy, but can't figure out how?
  • Like your financial life will never be stable?
  • Like you'll never get the relationship you always wanted?
I can relate because I felt THE SAME WAY for a long time.

So here's the story I promised you.

For the majority of my life, I can remember feeling like I was just struggling to make it through.

I wasn't someone who always succeeded. In fact, most things were just hard!

Any happiness was fleeting. And it seemed like any dreams of living a better life were mere fantasy.

That was just the way things were.

But one day I discovered personal development and found out there was a science to living an amazing life.

Almost like a secret, exact formula really...

...and it can could mastered by anyone!

1 + 1 = Amazing Life ;)

So I didn't have to go through this struggle!

The only problem for most people was they didn't even know this formula existed, let alone how to use it in their life.

This was the kind of stuff they didn't teach you about in school or anywhere else.

I felt lonely, but also incredibly excited to start learning.
"Why hadn't I learned this before???"
So I began to self-study the secrets that had been PROVEN repeatedly for anyone to create a life they loved.

I was like a mad scientist on the verge of a breakthrough. My mind was continually being blown.

As I implemented these ideas, things began to shift for me in a big way.

My health, finances, relationships and confidence were better than they had ever been.

But still, something was missing.

I actually was more frustrated with life. More lost and confused. More unsure of who I was.

How could this be?

Wasn't I doing exactly what the teachers I was studying were telling me?

I fell into a depression. And it seemed like nothing could get me out.

"I Need Help!"
At the suggestion from a family member, I decided to see a professional life coach.

I didn't know anything about coaching at the time. I didn't even know if it would work for me.

I just knew I needed help and shouldn't be ashamed of that.

But what happened astonished me.

My coach understood me completely. In fact, he understood me even better than I did.

So we got to work. And in almost no time I felt back again.

Not only was I on my feet, I was stronger  than when I had started.

Old mental blocks and limiting beliefs that had kept me stuck for years seemed to have dissolved like nothing.

That was how I discovered the power of coaching.

"I'm Going To Be A Life Coach"
As I began sharing my discoveries through AurumReviews.com and my YouTube channel, something else unexpected happened.

I saw that other people were falling into the same trap that I had!

Without professional help, people were flying blind trying to apply these ideas in their own life.

This not only held them back from achieving great things, it was sometimes even harmful.

I had committed to helping others and sharing what I had learned. So I decided that I would try coaching people myself.

The more I learned about coaching, I was blown away with how right it was for me.

And when I saw the results people were getting, oh my god.

Let's just say they were practically begging to keep working with me.

It wasn't a magic pill, but sometimes it damn near felt that way.

Now, I bring to YOU these same life-altering services.
Life Coaching With Austin Kourakin
How Does Coaching Work?
Coaching is powerful and simple to understand.

Every week, you and I will meet for a 30 minute Skype or phone call.

You will set the agenda for our coaching session. Which means we could talk about...

...that fight you and your significant other keep having that won't go away

...that work project that you can't possibly finish on time

...finding a great sense of meaning and legacy in your life

...getting in shape

...getting your fiances to another level

...or whatever else!

In life coaching, there are no limits. Your life is treated from a holistic perspective.

I'll ask you eye opening questions, clarify your thinking, and give you principles to get you to your goals faster than ever before.

I may even give you homework ;)

By the time we are done, you'll have a specific action plan to follow through on for the next week.

Then I'll hold you accountable to the plans we create!
What Are The Benefits Of Coaching?
Here is a small list of REAL benefits clients have gotten...
  • Financial freedom
  • Better relationships
  • Amazing health
  • Greater meaning in their work
  • Confidence in difficult situations
  • A deeper understanding of oneself and your values
  • Being excited to wake up every morning
  • Real lasting happiness
  • Better communication skills
  • Specific strategies and action plans for your goals
  • Clarity of what you want
  • Greater discipline
  • More creativity and productivity
  • Freedom to live however you want
  • Work-life balance
  • Unlocked potential talents and strengths
  • Feeling at ease in the world
  • An understanding that you can control your destiny
What Is Unique About My Coaching?
There are many life coaches out there. But my process is unique.

Personal growth is not only what I do for a living, it's what's most important to me as an individual in my own life.

Everything I coach is personally battlefield tested. None of this is just "theory" I thought sounded cool.

I am obsessed with finding the best principles and tactics to help clients because I am obsessed with my own results.

Because of I've gone "outside the box" of what you would learn as a standard life coach.

I've found those secrets truly get maximum results for minimal effort.

Seriously. I've been able to make personal growth so easy and simple that it's almost like it does the work for you.

It will feel like I've gone into your brain and rewired you for lethally effective action and long-term happiness.

Let me save you years off your learning curve while 10xing your results.
Is Coaching Right For You?
Time for a tough reality check. Coaching is NOT RIGHT for everyone.

It's an exclusive service.
Here is who SHOULD NOT be looking for coaching:
  • People who can't afford it
  • People with serious mental disorders, e.g schizophrenia, bi-polar, PTSD, extreme phobias
  • People who value stagnation
  • People who are dealing with extreme trauma
  • People who excessively complain
  • People with serious addictions, e.g severe alcoholism
  • People who are dogmatic and close minded
  • You cannot keep to a weekly schedule of calls
Here is who SHOULD be looking for coaching:
  • People who can afford it. Coaching can seem pricey for some
  • People who are enthusiastic about growth
  • People who are open-minded
  • People can take feedback
  • People who take responsibility and are pro-active
  • People who are looking to create an impact
  • People who are looking to maximize your potential
If you're still not sure if you fit, take advantage of the free consultation to find out.
Here’s What People Are Saying:

Giannini C.

"Austin draws upon his depth of knowledge and experience to provide expert guidance in your life!

Within just one month of coaching, I've achieved the highest organization in my life, and my personal growth has jumped years faster  than it would have alone.

I'm more on track towards my goals now than ever!"

Amir B.

"Austin helped me realize the life goals that were important to me from the ones that were holding me back.

Following his structure he showed me how to recognize certain patterns in my life that could be improved.

I'm taking the necessary tie to evaluate and determine with him the best way to move through my obstacles.

I can confidently recommend his coaching to anyone trying to define their life path."
100% Money Back Guarantee

All my coaching packages come with a 100% money back guarantee!

That means you literally have no risk anymore. You can pick up your ball and go home anytime you want.

I'm probably crazy for doing this, but that's how strongly I believe you'll see amazing benefits from coaching with me.

What Are You Waiting For?
This WILL NOT be around forever!

My YouTube channel, my blog, running my personal development group and everything else takes long tolls on my time.

So I cannot guarantee that I will continue coaching individually forever.

In fact, it may be gone sooner than later.

Do you really want to take that risk?

Look, people at the top know one secret:

"If you hesitate, you masturbate".

To put it in less crude terms, those who wait around for the perfect moment never get anywhere.

If you're reading this, you're not that kind of person.

You're on the verge of something great.

You're a winner, even if you don't know it yet.

Winners take action and invest in themselves.

Let me be the push that sends you over the top and into a spiral of awesomeness...

...so you can claim forever the life you truly deserve!
-Austin Kourakin, Life Coach

P.S The initial consultation is completely free and all services have a money back guarantee! You literally have nothing to lose.

P.S.S Take advantage of being able to work with me one on one while you still have the chance! I won't be coaching forever.