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Reviews of Self Development Books By A Life Coach


Why Am I Writing This Blog

I’m a self-development junkie who finishes a book around every four days. So I figured why not get paid to do so? The links to buy the book at the end of each review are affiliate marketing links. I also plan on installing Google Adsense at some point.

Beyond that, I want people to think I’m smart. I’ll get a nice fuzzy feeling when I read the comments of people telling me how brilliant I am and how much they love my blog. For  people who think I’m an asshole and or an idiot, I’ll probably just ignore you.

I enjoy the smug mental imagine of me ripping apart some famous author who thinks he knows what he’s talking about but actually has his head up his own ass. Unfortunately I don’t know how often I’ll get to do that since I like most of the books I read.

I want to be able to tell people I have a famous blog. I imagine it would go something like this:

Chode: I work as a middle manager at WhoGivesAFuck Inc.

Me: That’s cool. I’m sort of the same except millions of people read what I write every day.

Chode: I now feel bad about my life decisions. You are superior towards me.

Finally, there’s a part of me with a hero complex that wants to help people. I hope that people will actually get value out of these reviews and it will help improve their lives.

Who Am I

I’m a young entrepreneur who is grinding like everyone else. I’m not fucking Mark Cuban, sitting up on high, having made it and passing down wisdom. I’m in the mix. I’m looking for wisdom and simply passing along what I find to the readers of this blog. I’m not interested nice ideas, I want what works.

I often describe myself as half a nerd. Half of me loves to sit down, read, analyze and dissect information. I want to mentally break shit down and figure out what the fuck is going on a deep level. Surface level understanding is boring to me.

The other part of me wants to snort blow, fuck hot women and party like a rockstar. I spend an absurd amount of time in bars and clubs.

Being an entrepreneur has been a nice mix. It allows me to engage in both parts of my personality.

Besides being an entrepreneur, I run a self-development group of around 50 ambitious guys. They teach me as much as I teach them. I also have a piece of paper that says I have a Master’s degree in Financial Economics.

How Does This Blog Works

I plan on releasing a new review at a minimum of every week. That gives me four days to read a book and three days to write about it. I’ve also come up with a rating system. It looks like this:

Don’t Even Torrent it

This is the worst review your book can possibly get. It’s so bad I’m suggesting people don’t even steal it. If your book gets this review, reconsider your profession and preferably your whole life.


A book with this rating is just meh. You could or could not write it and it probably wouldn’t make much of a difference. If you want to read it, just download the electronic version and try to get whatever little value is there.


These books are often legitimately good and worth reading. However, you can probably get all the value with just getting the audiobook and listening through while you’re driving or whatever.

Sit Down and Read

Self-explanatory. You want to buy these books and actually sit down and read them because they are amazing. Take notes.

Will Melt Your Fucking Brain

Absolutely life-changers. Very few books will reach this status but I suggest reading them immediately and then multiple times throughout your life.