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The Divine Matrix by Gregg Braden



One Line Summary

The deepest secrets of life exposed…

The Setup

I’ve reviewed “deep” existential books in the past like The Holographic Universe and My Big TOE. I love these books because I’ve always been curious about the deeper questions of life, like where did we come from, why are we here, etc. If you liked those books, keep reading…

The Divine Matrix by Gregg Braden is a half scientific, half spiritual book. Much like The Holographic Universe, it sets out of examine some of the bizarre scientific evidence that has come from the study of Quantum Mechanics and its connection to spirituality.

Must be read with an open mind, especially if you’re not versed in the theory around non-duality. But if you can be open to it, you’re going to see tremendous value here.

Why it’s Awesome

Branden spends the majority of the book laying out all the experiments in the last hundred years or so surrounding Quantum Mechanics. For those who don’t know, Quantum Mechanics is the study of the subatomic levels of life. This is where it gets weird.

Here is some of the bizareness scientists have discovered:

Observer Effect

Through something known as the Double-Slit experiment, scientists realized that at the most fundamental level of reality is not solid like we think about it. Subatomic particles are really more like probability waves, which only “choose” a specific reality when faced with an observer.

I’m not a scientist so I’ll let this video explain it better.

Non-Locality & No-Time

In our everyday lives, we experience distance and space between objects. I’ve yet to be able to teleport to my kitchen when I want a snack. And yet, Quantum Mechanics throws this model of how the world works under the bus.

In Quantum Mechanics, you have something quantum entanglement. What this means is that subatomic particles are able to influence each other at a distance with no loss of time. It is literally simultaneous.

Again, here is a scientist to explain it more professionally.

It’s fair to say that people shouldn’t jump to conclusions from these results. But it is interesting that these ideas do correlate a lot with ancient spiritual wisdom.

For instance, he ancients have always said that life is Maya, which roughly translates to “illusion” or “not what it appears to be”. And that’s exactly what the quantum world shows us. The reality that we abide by in everyday life is not entirely what it looks like on the surface.

Then there’s the concept of non-duality, which states that everything is One Thing and that any separation between objects only occurs on the surface of things. Could this be the answer behind Quantum Entanglement?

Branden thinks so. Hence, what he calls “the divine matrix”.

The Divine Matrix

If you ever saw the movie The Matrix, one of the premises of that film was that people could bend reality based on belief. When Neo doubted his abilities, he failed. But When Neo truly accepted his role as The One, he was able to fly, dodge bullets and just about everything else.

Braden’s model for The Divine Matrix works in a similar fashion. Our beliefs and expectations about the world aren’t just our opinions about reality, they create our reality. You are essentially looking into a type of mirror all the time.

However, it’s not quite as easy as they make it seem in the Matrix film. There’s a lot of nuance here that must be addressed.

The first question someone might have is if our beliefs and expectations about reality always come true, how come we can sometimes be surprised? It’s a valid point.

When Branden talks about beliefs and expectations, he is largely talking about the subconscious level of the mind. The things we believe that we often don’t even know we believe. But they’re there, buried below our conscious awareness until we dig them up to the surface.

Have you ever noticed that when you have absolute certainty about something, it tends to come true? I mean the same level of certainty you have that you can sit in a chair. It’s just assumed, and the assumption becomes true.

That is what Branden is talking about here. You don’t think, you know.

There’s a couple of reasons that certainty is the key to molding the Divine Matrix, and they stem from the scientific / spiritual laws we discussed above.

If time Maya, then any potential future events are happening right Now. That new job you want is Now. That perfect relationship is Now. The Divine Matrix doesn’t understand the language of ”someday” or “maybe”.

If Braden is correct, you have a direct line to that which creates everything. In fact, you are It. All the power you could ever need is already inside you, if you truly choose to tap into it.

The other major key to speaking the language of The Divine Matrix is emotion. It’s not enough to just say the words, our feelings create what we want. Negative emotions tend to create negative situations, and positive emotions tend to create positive emotions.

Why Does It Suck

I get it, scientifically there’s probably a big leap between quantum entanglement and saying that we live in a Divine Matrix that responds to our every belief. So if you’re the scientist type, you’ll likely not going to like this book.

The Wrap Up

Really interesting book combining science, spiritual concepts and the law of attraction. Check it out if you want to challenge your notions of what is reality and maybe even unlock your potential.

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