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Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks



One Line Summary

Create your dream life out of thin air

The Setup

“Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you”

– Jesus, Mathew 7:7


When it comes to the Law of Attraction, there may be no bigger name than Esther Hicks.

I’ve written about the Law of Attraction many times on my blog, but I’ve heard about Esther Hicks so much at this point that I just had to pick up this book and see what the hype was all about. It was not a disappointment.

Ask and It Is Given is based on the teachings of a channeled group of entities known as Abraham. Yes, I said channeled. Channeled as in a mediumship.

Quick note, I understand that some people will not be open to the idea of channeling being a “real thing”.  Not too long ago I said the same thing. I saw a video of Ester channeling and thought “people actually believe this? What a bunch of bullshit”. So just observe the information objectively and if it makes sense, consider implementing it.

As I hinted already, this book is about the Law of Attraction. It actually even proceeds the 2006 Best-seller The Secret, which also famously talks about the Law of Attraction. You’ll learn almost everything you need to know about manifestation and practical examples to implement it.

Why it’s Awesome

I’m gearing up for a big shift in my life. Over the past year, most of my time has been spent researching, writing, making YouTube videos and implementing this material on my own life. But as I mentioned before, it’s time for me to expand into coaching.

Big expansions causes big fear. I’ve had plenty of thoughts like “what if this isn’t the right path for you?” and “you’ll never be able to get clients” and “you’re almost 26 years old, you should already have a steady career, look at your friends”.

So it’s no coincidence that I’ve been spending time coming back to the principles I know work and have used in the past like The Law of Attraction. We all need a refresher sometimes, especially when rubber meets the road.

And that’s exactly what Ask and It Is Given did for me. It helped bring me back to that place of faith and surrender to the process.

Because that is what The Law of Attraction is. It’s a surrendering. And although it takes courage to take action, I’ve found that it can take just as much, if not more, to surrender.

Surrendering means giving up your desire for control. Your attachment to a particular outcome. It’s a swan dive into some of the deepest fears human beings face.

Why is this book largely about surrendering? Because The Law of Attraction is not something you “do”.

The basic premise of The Law of Attraction, as explained by Hicks, is that well-being is constantly flowing from The Universe and is the true nature of everything you see. Therefore, as soon as you ask for something, it is given.

Now, that seems impossible on the surface of things. One look at the wars going on around the world and it would be hard to say it looks like well-being.

But Hicks is trying to make a nuanced point here. Think about the fact that whenever you hurt yourself, your body’s natural tendency is to heal you. The nuance is that even though well-being is natural, we have to be able to allow it in.

So what would this look like in real life?

One of the craziest lessons I’ve learned from dating is that you are about as attractive to the opposite gender as you allow yourself to be. That’s it.

The second you start feeling like “this person is out of my league” or “there’s no way this person could like me”, you’re done. I’ve literally seen guys who blew chance after chance with girls just because they couldn’t accept that the girl actually liked him.

Now, most people would shoot back and say something like “leagues do exist! That’s why only attractive people go with attractive people”. But is it really an issue of leagues, or is it that attractive people allow themselves to be attractive because it’s normal to them?

People will deny this to their death, but it’s the truth. Your life is about as good as you allow it.

Have you ever been having a great time with your friends, but there’s this one person who doesn’t quite seem to fit in? They’re on edge, nervous and just trying too hard to be cool. But what they’re not seeing is that if they could just let go and relax, suddenly they’d would be cool!

So it’s their inability to surrender and allow the well-being that is already there that screws them up.

This is just a simple example from dealing with people. But you can apply this principle of letting go to really every area of life if you think about it enough. Try it for yourself.

So because well-being is our natural state, there’s nothing to do. It comes to you. You can relax and let the Universe do a lot of the heavy lifting.

You see, the Universe is not separate from you. You could not isolate yourself from your environment any more than a drop of water could from the ocean. So trusting the Universe is trusting you.

Does this mean don’t take any action? Of course not. But you do need to start paying attention to two main areas as outlined by Hicks. They are:

  • Your thoughts
  • Your emotions

Your thoughts, or focus, controls your reality. What you focus on enough expands, always. And that is because you are a divine being who can have anything they wish, even pain and suffering.

However, realize that ultimately the Universe does not speak English, it speaks vibration. Everything is made up of vibrations of different frequencies, and whatever you are vibrating at will attract events / circumstances of like vibration.

This is partially why even if you think a thought enough, it may not come true. Your vibration, not the thought itself, must be a match to what it is you want. This is why we get things we do not expect all the time.

So thoughts have a certain vibration, but the content of the thought may not match the actual vibration. You may have noticed when you’re afraid, just thinking “be courageous!” may not be enough on it’s own because you didn’t believe it. So content does not equal vibration.

Our emotions are much more direct representations of the vibration you are currently in because they bypass the symbolic nature of words and get straight to the source.

Essentially, negative emotions = low vibration and positive emotions = high vibration. They are a feedback system for whether or not we are doing the right thing to manifest our desires.

Positive emotions generally mean “you are going in the right direction”, which is why they feel so good. They make us crave them more.

Negative emotions are not “bad” but they generally mean “wrong direction”, which is why they feel bad and make us desire to do something else.

It’s an amazing system when you think about it.

Now I know some people would say “but I feel good when I watch Netflix all day and eat junk food. Am I going to manifest my goals doing that?” No, you’re probably not.

Based on what Hicks says, I would challenge you to rethink your definition of what truly feels good. Maybe Netflix can be relaxing for a little bit, and maybe the junk food tastes good for a second, but what about after? How does it feel to not be taking actions towards your goals and know you’re being unhealthy?

Things that truly make me feel good are things like meditation, yoga, learning, exercise, taking actions on my goals, public speaking, teaching, writing, good music and nature. When I do these things, it shuts off that nagging voice that says “you know you’re not doing your best”.

For people many, things like entertainment or shitty food are really just escapes. They SAY they feel good, but really they’re just trying to temporarily avoid their own negative vibration. But vibration doesn’t lie, which is why things like hard drugs often create a negative spiral in people’s lives if they get hooked on it.

The rest of this book essentially just lays out different methods for increasing your vibrational frequency and create ways to practice the Law of Attraction. I won’t go into these because there’s so many. Read the book if you want to learn them.

I love this book because it’s how to become a Co-Creator 101, i.e learning to tap into your inalienable power as a divine being and feeling the joy of connecting with Source. Could it get better than that?

Why Does It Suck

There’s just so much room for misinterpretation when it comes to this book. Many, many nuanced points and you really have to think critically about what Hicks / Abraham is saying.

So take your study of The Law of Attraction seriously. Don’t just read this book, read many others to get a lot of different perspectives on it. You might want to check out The Science of Getting Rich, Thought Vibration, You Can Heal Your Life and Dr. Mind.

The Wrap Up

Absolute classic work on the Law of Attraction. Must read for anyone who is looking to master this area of co-creation in their life.

By the way, don’t get discouraged if your life doesn’t just 180 immediately after reading this book. Think of Ask and It Is Given like a textbook: you know the proper theory, now you’ve got to go out and practice. It’s a whole domain of mastery that could take you years to truly nail down.

Baby steps. Don’t try to become Wayne Dyer tomorrow, just get .1% better each day.

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