Book Name

Becoming Magic by Genevieve Davis



One Line Summary

Learn how to become Magical

The Setup

If you’ve been into the personal development community for more than five minutes, you’ve heard of this thing called The Law of Attraction.

What is the Law of Attraction? Essentially, it’s a metaphysical law based on the idea that the entire universe is made up of different frequency vibrations.

These vibrations, when alike in frequency, will attract each other. Vibrations with dislike frequencies will repel.

So let’s say that you spend all day just genuinely radiating love and positively. By the law of attraction, you’ll attract vibrations of the same frequency, i.e more love and positivity.

In this way, everyone is creating their own reality. This is why some people always seem to attract “good” into their lives and others just seem to attract more and more shit.

So let’s pretend you’ve just read The Secret for the first time and have bought into this idea. How do you actually put this into practice for your own use? How do you consciously create the reality you desire?

That’s what Becoming Magic is all about. The subtitle of this extremely short book is A course in manifesting an exceptional life, and that’s exactly what you get.

According to Davis’s story, she spent years trying to apply the Law of Attraction. She read all the great teachers on the subject (Ester-Hicks, Hill, Wayne Dyer etc) but failed time and time again to get what she wanted.

It wasn’t until some serious clicks went off in her brain before she finally “got it”. From that point on, her life just got better and better.

So if you feel like you’ve struggle to manifest the life you desire, this book may be of use to you. Let’s dig further.

Why it’s Awesome

So how does The Law of Attraction really work? What’s the principle behind it?

According to Davis, it’s Magic.

Magic is something you can’t explain. You wave a wand, say Wingardium Leviosa and a feather starts floating.

A yet, as much as you can’t explain magic, there is technique to it. Even in Harry Potter world, you had to go to school for 7 years.

Davis says that once she stopped expecting to understand “how” the Law of Attraction was working and simply let it work, her results sky rocketed.

This is an important point because The Law of Attraction is accessing data beyond the conscious mind. If you try and understand it logically, you’re going to mess up the process.

The other really important insight I see that Davis had about doing Magic is that it’s not about what you do. It’s about who you are.

Think about the fact that you can’t try to lift 300 pounds. You either have the strength to do that, or you don’t.

All of life is really the same way. You either who you are is capable of running a multi-million dollar business or you’re not. Either you’re capable of having a successful relationship, or you’re not.

Do or do not, there is no try – Yoda

So many people are trying to manifest a certain life using the law of attraction. What they don’t realize is that you are attracting what you are. If you lack focus, confidence and all the other characteristics of success, you’re not going to attract anything worthwhile.

Every vibrational reality has a physical reality. Nothing about The Law of Attraction alleviates you from having to face your fears, take massive action and grow yourself.

Don’t get sucked into this mindset that doing Magic or manifesting allows you to just stay in your comfort zone. That’s a one way trap to living in a land of delusion.

Why Does It Suck

The only thing that disappointed me with this book was that it’s extremely short. Otherwise, there’s good wisdom in here that many people who follow The Law of Attraction could benefit from.

The Wrap Up

This is a great book to start learning the art of doing Magic. There is also a part 2, which I haven’t checked out but likely will in the future. So get out there and start becoming a wizard.

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