Book Name

The Prosperous Coach by Rich Litvin and Steve Chandler



One Line Summary

Secrets of becoming a world class coach revealed

The Setup

I’ve always been the type of person that enjoyed teaching and coaching people. I typically listen more than I talk and know how to step into other people’s shoes. And so, now that I have knowledge that I can help people, I’ve decided that I’m soon going to offer private coaching sessions.

I’ve been studying coaching material and practicing with people in order to prepare for this. The Prosperous Coach was one of the first books I’ve read on the subject. And I’m glad I did.

The Prosperous Coach by Rich Litvin and Steve Chandler is a great introduction to the world of coaching. More importantly, it’s a great introduction to how to be a coach who actually gets paid.

This is not a minor point. Coaching is a business, and if you can’t sustain your business model, then you will not be able to be a coach.

So if you’re interested in not only how to help people, but also keep helping people, read on.

Why it’s Awesome

Litvin was a struggling coach before he met Chandler. Chandler was already a successful coach who helped Litvin understand what it means to truly make it in the coaching business.

Litvin began to thrive. Now, they teach other coaches together how to have the same success they did.

Most of the coaching material I’ve read on marketing yourself is pretty generic. Start a blog, do social media posts, do public speaking, etc.

Now I’m not saying those things don’t work. I obviously have a blog, spend time on social media and will be doing public speaking.

But the Litvin / Chandler method is different.

Litvin / Chandler believe in a referral only business. Unless you just have a strong desire to blog or use any other traditional marketing technique, they suggest you throw it out.

For them, getting clients does not come from marketing. It comes from having conversations.

One of the most repeated quotes in this book is no client is ever signed outside a conversation. So if you aren’t spending the majority of your day in potential conversations with clients, how could you expect to sign anyone?

They also don’t believe in cold calling. Cold calling is something people who are desperate do. If you’re trying to become a prosperous coach, you will not and cannot be desperate.

At one point, Litvin even says, “if you’re desperate for cash, you don’t need a client, you need a job”.

Another major takeaway I got from this book was that every coach should have a coach. If you don’t think coaching is worth paying your hard earned money for, why should your clients? Coaching is an investment, not a sunk cost.

Essentially, all new coaches struggle with the same fears as everyone else. They’re afraid of selling.

Selling is extremely interesting to me because of the psychology behind it. People feel unworthy and so they don’t sell as hard as they should, or they do the exact opposite and fall over themselves to try and sign clients.

According to Litvin / Chandler, the prosperous coach is right in the middle. He / she knows what coaching is worth and so doesn’t over or undersell.

Don’t take an attitude of selling. Take an attitude of genuine service for your client’s best interests and create clients everywhere you go.

I also liked that self-reliance was stressed heavily in this book. Many coaches are apparently looking for “the secret” way to market themselves. In reality, the secret is that there is no secret.

Provide incredible service for your clients. Know what you’re worth. Be authentic to what works for you. That’s the way to the prosperous coach.

So if you want a no-nonsense, but still high consciousness way of going about coaching, this is your book. No cheesy gimmicks, just real advice.

Why Does It Suck

There really isn’t much information as far as how to actually coach clients. So if you’re looking for more “how-to” coaching material, pick a different book. I’ll be reviewing some really good ones in the future on this blog so look out.

The Wrap Up

Amazing book on the business of becoming a professional coach. Must read for anyone who is serious about getting into this profession at some point. It will set you straight from the start about what coaching really is and how to prosper.

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