Book Name

Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss



One Line Summary

Psychiatrist becomes a mystic

The Setup

Spiritual awakenings often look different for every person. In some countries, the process is part of the culture and is almost expected. But here is the west, that’s not what we have.

What we see is typically people getting blindsided. People with no spiritual inclination who suddenly have an experience that changes them forever.

It’s almost as if Spirit reaches down, taps the unsuspecting person on the shoulder and says “time to wake up!”

That’s essentially what happened to Bruce Lipton. That’s what happened to me. And that’s what happened to Brian Weiss.

Many Lives, Many Masters by Weiss explores a dramatic version of this process beginning to unfold. It’s an extremely short but powerful book with a message that may change your life: death is not the end.

Why it’s Awesome

I don’t want to spoil the whole story because this book is already pretty short. So here’s an extremely cliff note version.

Weiss is a Miami based psychiatrist who encounters what seems like an incurable patient. The woman’s name is Catherine, and her phobias range from flying on airplanes to sleeping on her bed. According to Weiss, she would spend many nights in her closet.

After all traditional psychiatry failed, Weiss resorted to hypnosis. Amazingly, he discovered that Catherine not only could regress her memories to early ages (which is standard in hypnosis), he could regress her to memories that were outside her current life time.

From our standard materialistic view of life, this is impossible. But as I’ve said many times before, when you flip the assumption that consciousness is primary to the physical world, this opens up worlds of possibilities.

Catherine was able to recall with impossible detail memories of past lives from all the way back to around 1500 B.C. She also seemed to be able to recall the “in between state” of lives, which she refered to as “being with the light”.

As if that isn’t enough, many of these lives seemed to be influencing Catherine’s current phobias. As she recalled these memories, her phobias disappeared.

What do we make of this story? For the average westerner who has been trained in the “what you see is what you get” mentality of life, something like this seems impossible.

As always, come to your own conclusions. But here is my opinion.

The awakening experience I had last year has shown me that there is something beyond “this”. I’ve never experienced or recalled past lives, but the secondary evidence is incredible, with Weiss being just another piece.

We really are left with a couple of conclusions about Weiss’ story:

  • He’s lying
  • He’s crazy
  • He’s ignorant
  • He’s telling the truth and has hit upon some deep spiritual insights

If you want to decide for yourself if Weiss is crazy, you can meet him in person at one of the workshops he gives around the globe.

Also, here is a video of him talking about past life regression therapy.

I don’t think Weiss is crazy. I’ll reserve strong judgment until I experience it myself, but at the very least he’s been able to help people fix their problems.

Here is another example of a past life regression session:

Let’s not forget either that Weiss is not the first person to talk about reincarnation. Reincarnation is a belief as old as human civilization. The Dalai Lama is even chosen based on reincarnation.

There’s also the phenomena known as Xenoglossy, which is where children are able to speak a language they could not have known, assumed to be known from a past life. The Wikipedia article here says there is no scientific evidence for Xenoglossy, but I’d take that with a grain of salt considering this is not an area many scientists are comfortable with anyway.

So what’s the answer? As always, figure it out for yourself. You can literally go see a past life regression therapist if you want, it’s very popular. No speculation required.

Why Does It Suck

I worry that people could use the content in this book to rationalize all kinds of crazy bullshit. What better way to deny the problems in your current life than by rationalizing that you’ll just be reincarnated?

That’s a mistake. And could be an extremely costly one at that.

The reality is we live in the present. Always. If you want to enjoy this life, right now, than please don’t put it off.

Also, the fact that you many have huge numbers of past lives does not mean morality or values go out the window. Again, your actions right now still have consequences.

The Wrap Up

This book will open your mind about what is possible. And it also provides a piece of the puzzle for some of the greatest humanity has ever had. You will not be disappointed.

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