Book Name

Conversations With God (Book 3) by Neale Donald Walsch


Will Melt Your Fucking Brain

One Line Summary

God exposes the deepest truths of our lives

The Setup

Have you ever really wondered just what is going on with life?

At some point, everyone comes to the hard questions. Why are we here? What’s the meaning to all this?

For most of life, I can remember having these kinds of questions. But I mostly just chalked it up to “I’ll never know” because it seemed like no one had ever figured it out.

Turns out that may only be partially right.

Conversations With God: Book 3 is the final book in the trilogy. The review of Book 1 I did several months ago and the review of Book two came out last week.

In Book 3, Walsch (God) go into some of the deepest truths yet about how the universe works and our purpose here.

Warning, your life may never be the same again.

Why it’s Awesome

Book 1 was amazing. It detailed incredible personal truths that I have directly experience in my own life about the human condition.

Book 2 was thought provoking. It started to bring up esoteric topics and forced me to think about our global situation.

But Book 3 blows both of these out of the water.

This is my favorite book of the trilogy by far. I basically couldn’t put it down while reading.

Remember that I’m not claiming these things are true. Always adhere to the golden rule: decide for yourself.

The main thesis is the same as the other books: your purpose is to be and choose Who You Really Are. Only, now this idea gets expanded.

Here are some of my highlights:

The Big Purpose

The thing your soul is seeking the most is to know Who You Really Are. This goes beyond your current personality traits.

What this really mean is discovering that All Is One. There is no separation between you and anyone or anything. You are a divine, perfect, infinite unity.

You already know this, but you’ve chosen to forget. Because only by forgetting can you experience it’s truth.

Life After Death

What happens after death? Seems like a perfect question to ask God.

According to Walsch, death is essentially another illusion. The soul leaves the body that we think we are and continues to create its own experience.

The soul will then review its life and decide to reincarnate in a different or same set of experiences. Essentially, a soul is free to do as it will, including coming back to the same physical body.

However, the Big Purpose outlined above keeps the process moving. Which is why you almost never see anyone come back.

Life Is An Infinity

The next obvious question someone might ask is: what happens when we fulfill our purpose of discovering Who We Really Are?

The answer is that the game just keeps going. You forget, you remember. You forget, you remember. On and on, forever and ever.

There is no start and no end. You move up “The Cosmic Wheel” as Walsch calls it and then you move down. Round and round, all happening Right Now.

If you think I understand this just because I’m repeating what Walsch says, I don’t. An infinity is literally impossible to comprehend via the rational mind.

I can only say that I’ve had glimpses. But even these glimpses I can’t truly understand. You can only become infinity.

If you do, it will change your life forever.

On Depression

Some people might find this depressing. It seems like this just makes us a hamster stuck in a wheel to nowhere. You’d might wonder: what’s the point?

And from a certain perspective, you’d be right. If you thought life was all about “getting somewhere” or “accomplishment”, you’d be in for a rude awakening.

But there is a silver lining here. Which is that the more you can embody and live this truth, the happier you will be.

Happiness doesn’t come from things or external results. Ultimately, it comes from knowing Who You Really Are.

On Souls

What actually is the soul? Is it located somewhere?

According to Walsch, the soul is not located in the body. The soul houses the body. And ultimately, sticking with our theme of All Is One, all souls are One.

Highly Evolved Beings and Societies

This was probably the most fascinating part of the whole trilogy for me. What does a being who is highly evolved look like? And are there other sentient societies “out there” similar to humans?

The answer Walsch gives is that highly evolved, sentient societies do exist. Sometimes they interfere with human affairs, sometimes they do not.

These societies are based on the principle that We Are All One. The individual and collective concerns have no separation.

Essentially, they’re using a Win/Win strategy that Steven Covey talks about. Most of us in our society insist on Win/Lose or Lose/Win.

Then we wonder why things seem like such a mess.

In these societies, there are no judgments. Only observations about what works and what is. Extra labels like “right” or “wrong” are not placed.

There also is no fear of death by these beings. They realize that death is just the next step and so welcome it.

Another interesting fact is that these societies do not let the young raise children. Children are instead raised as a community, with the elders being the main teachers to the children.

This sounds like a utopian fantasy, but apparently it is real.

The Time Is Now

Human beings are capable of living in a kind of highly evolved society says Walsch. And the time for it is Now.

Our scientific knowledge is so powerful and our influence is so great that a human extinction is possible. And it won’t be because of nature, it will be of our own undoing.

The good news is that the evidence for this shift is there. Walsch points out that people seem to be waking up on large scales to the All Is One reality.

It’s an inspiring way to close the trilogy.

Why Does It Suck

The flaw with any kind of book, but especially one like that, is that intellectual understanding is not enough. Just saying “all is one” is meaningless unless you live that way.

So while this book is a great start because it creates some awareness, this is not the end of learning. It’s really only just the start.

The Wrap Up

An absolutely life changing book if you let it. The message is simple but extremely powerful. It’s easy to see why some many people have fallen in love with this series since the 90’s.