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The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D Wattles


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Get rich with mathematical certainty

The Setup

Growing up is often like receiving one giant mess of mixed messages. Sometimes we hear empowering messages like “you can achieve anything you set your mind to!” or “anything is possible”. And yet, when push comes to shove, those empowering thoughts seem to disappear.

“Anything is possible” until a 17-year old decides they don’t want to go to college in order to start a business with his friends. “Anything is possible” until someone says they’re going to make living as an artist.

Suddenly, mental barriers and “reason” pop up out of nowhere from those around us. You can’t seriously want to be an artist, that’s how people go broke and starve. You can’t date X type of person, they’re “out of your league”. So on and so forth.

These mixed messages are often more harmful than helpful. When someone hears that “anything is possible” but that their specific request is unobtainable, the message is clear: it’s YOU who isn’t capable. You’re the problem.

These are called limiting beliefs. They become part of our identity, literally who we believe we are. And from there they start to impact every area of our life.

One goal of personal development work is to rid yourself of all limiting beliefs. This may not actually be possible, but perfection is not necessary. All that matters is dealing with the challenge that’s right in front of us, right now.

One thing I’ve been looking into is how deep this rabbit hole goes. Can we heal our own bodies? Can we levitate? Survive without food or water? Can we run faster than a cheetah?

Where is the REAL limit? What is POSSIBLE?

When you really start to realize that you are not just this human body, that you are one with the divine, suddenly your world opens up.

That’s the space The Science of Getting Rich is written from. Wallace D Wattles was a mystic with deep metaphysical understanding about reality.

It’s from this foundational understanding about what reality really is that we suddenly begin to understand what is possible. That includes getting rich.

Why it’s Awesome

If there is one area where people tend to have many limiting beliefs, it’s making money.

We all have beliefs about money. Some of us were taught it’s the most important thing in the world. Some of us were taught money was the root of evil. Some of us were taught money is extremely difficult to come by. On and on it goes.

What’s incredible is that no matter what belief you were indoctrinated with about money, its likely holding you back in some way. Everyone has their limits.

What Wallace does in this book is slice through many of these limiting beliefs, as well as explain the true nature of how to become a creator in your life.

Here are some of the highlights:

All is One and One is All

Separation of any kind does not exist. This includes your thoughts and your reality.

Thought determines your reality

Your thinking, consciously or subconsciously, is constantly effecting your reality. You may not understand how it is happening, but not understanding the how does nothing to stop it from occurring. By changing your thinking, you change your reality

Faith and Purpose

You must believe that your thoughts are effecting your reality. See your desires as already accomplished as your right and ability of a divine being. That is the meaning of faith.

Money is not in scarcity

Following from the previous assumption, you must get rid of any thought patterns that money is in scarcity. This is not delusion; by understanding that All is One, you realize that nothing is ever in scarcity and can be manifested by those with correct thinking.

Collaborative, not Competitive

Competition is scarcity thinking. The only reason to ever compete is because you believe a scarcity of resources exist. By seeking to be collaborative, you end scarcity.

By the way, if this is sounding extremely “woo-woo” to you, realize that both Peter Thiel and Grant Cardone have written about this exact same phenomena using their own words. Neither believes in competition.

Be Willing to Receive

By thinking you manifest, but by ACTION you receive. All desires are manifested through the normal channels of life.

This one tenet sounds easy because we all think receiving is easy. It is not. I would say receiving may actually be the toughest part of this whole process because it’s the hardest to catch. Feeling of unworthiness just get rationalized away and there’s huge room for self-deception here.

For example, I gave a speech not too long ago to members of my personal development group. At the end of that speech, you can see that everyone gave me a round of applause. It was uncomfortable and in my mind I actually just wanted it to stop.

The question becomes: why? Why would I not being willing to listen to a round of applause for something I spent so much time on? Could it be that deep down I don’t feel I deserve it?

My point is that the art of receiving cannot be ignored. And unfortunately it does because it’s often labeled in our society as “selfish”. Wattles points this out many times as well.

Give more than you get

This might seem confusing. Didn’t we just talk about how important it is to receive? Why are we now talking about giving more than you get?

The reality is both are true. Giving more than you get is the hallmark of a true creator. You pull out of thin air. You literally create value out of nothing.

Because this value is in abundance, you do not need to worry about running out.

Act in the present

Because you have faith that you desires are coming, there is never a need to hurry. Hurry implies that what you are desiring is not coming or that you might not be able to obtain it.

Act in the present. Never try to do “tomorrow’s work” or several days work. Only do today’s work.

Why Does It Suck

Several times Wattles says how someone simply needs to discipline their mind in order to think correctly. Just think positive!

He may have known about getting rich, but he did not understand the complexity of the subconscious mind. If it was as simple as “think positive”, anyone could do it.

The reality is that most people are drive by subconscious desires. This is why it always seems like people have to fight “against themselves”. Consciously they want success, but subconsciously they may not.

Nowhere is this more obvious than in the art of receiving example I listed above. Consciously, of course I want people to clap for me. Who wouldn’t want that?

But that’s the whole point of the subconscious. You aren’t consciously aware of what it is you really want.

All the positive thinking in the world won’t in the end change the subconscious. In fact, having to do positive thinking subconsciously implies that you don’t think positively about yourself.

This is why I also find Wattles claim that this is the only book you need to read is ridiculous. Success is a much more complicated issue than is summed up in his writings.

The Wrap Up

Fantastic little book about the power of thought and getting rich. Just don’t make the mistake of thinking this is everything you need to know. It is not.

Highly recommended for anyone who feels like they have to dominate others and put in extraordinary amounts of struggle in order to become successful.

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