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Supernormal by Dr. Dean Radin


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One Line Summary

Scientific evidence for the strangest paranormal activity on earth

The Setup

We are a society that desperately wants to believe in magic.

Admit it. We want mind reading, levitation, telekinesis, invisibility and all sorts of phenomena to be real. Just look at the success of Harry Potter.

But what if it wasn’t such a crazy idea? What if there was hardcore scientific evidence for many of these abilities and you just didn’t know?

Would you want to know?

I know I would. I follow the philosophy that aligning with truth is always more beneficial than living in ignorance.

The truth is mystics have been claiming the existence of paranormal abilities from the beginning. It’s only now that we’re starting to see a clash between mysticism and modern science.

In the Holographic Universe review, I talked briefly about this. But now I want to show you that Talbot is far from alone in his beliefs.

Dr. Dean Radin has compiled massive amounts of evidence for paranormal / physic phenomena in this book Supernormal. And not “anecdotes”. Rigorous, scientific testing that would meet the criteria of any academic experiment.

Why it’s Awesome

I tend to not talk too much about the argument between science and mysticism too much because I know I’m not a scientist. I haven’t spent years getting my Ph.D in physics or something like this.

But I can show you what scientists who have done this are saying. And that’s why I love reading books by people like Tom Campell, Rupert Sheldrake and now Dean Radin.

Supernormal is not really much of a book at all. It reads far more like an academic paper, with Radin slamming you with hypothesis, data and evidence over and over again.

But that’s what makes it amazing. If you’re going to try and win over a crowd of scientific, rational people that they might be missing something, you have to speak their language.

So you won’t find anything unscientific in this book. In fact, I struggled to get through just because of how scientific it was. I got lost time and time again trying to keep up.

There’s too much in Supernormal for me to really be able to properly explain it all. This is one of those where you’re just going to have to read it yourself.

But in summary, the amount of evidence for certain physic phenomena is in abundance. However, mainstream scientists have largely ignored this evidence or are ignorant of it.


(Above image taken from Supernormal)

Here is a quote from Radin:

Beliefs determine what we can see. People trained within the scientific and scholarly worldviews are taught that supernormal capacities are impossible, so mysticism and miracles are hardly ever taken seriously in academia, even among scholars in the history of religion.

Such topics are fun to contemplate for entertainment purposes, or as a way to study primitive beliefs, but surely they’re not real. As a result they’re not included in the scientific story of reality that we’ve been taught in school, which is based on a few centuries of careful objective investigation

People make a large mistake of thinking that science is unbiased. Science is made up of people, and until people stop having cognitive biases, science will also have biases.

This I have experienced firsthand when I received my graduate degree in Economics and worked in the Economics department. The professors were not objective, they were largely in a belief bubble supported by their peers around them.

Of course, none of this means supernormal phenomena are real. But if you’re wondering how millions of scientists could miss it, this is how.

So let’s get to the evidence. I can’t quote it all because as I mentioned it’s exhaustive. But I would like to share with you all what Radin has to say about certain phenomena.


The accumulated evidence is clear: Precognition exists.

In 2011, I presented some of the evidence discussed in this chapter at a physics symposium on quantum retrocausation. This was part of the Western Regional meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, hosted that year by the University of San Diego.

The evidence for precognition was relevant to this symposium because retrocausation—a reversal of the usual cause-and-effect sequence—is entirely compatible with the equations of both classical and quantum physics.

Physicists readily accept time reversal at the elementary particle level, but precognition in humans suggests that time-reversal phenomena also occur in the macroscopic, everyday world.

As such, evidence for precognition plays a key role in physical theories that are attempting to model the fundamental nature of time, as well as understanding the transitions between the physics of the microworld and the macroworld.


Telepathy tests developed over many decades have evolved into experiments that are as close to perfect as anyone has been able to devise so far.

The results indicate that the likelihood that telepathy exists is as close to “proven” as contemporary science can establish.

Psychokinesis in living things

The psychokinesis studies discussed in this chapter provide evidence for mind-matter interactions, but the cause of those interactions can be interpreted in two principal ways.

One way to generate a physiological response in a receiver’s body is through application of force, like poking the receiver with a stick. The second way is by gently whispering, “You’ve just won the lottery.”

The first case is suggestive of a mind-body interaction involving a distant force or influence from the sender. The second case is suggestive of a mind-to-mind interaction, an informational exchange that hardly involves any force.

With this class of studies it isn’t possible to tell with certainty which explanation is better.

Psychokinesis in inanimate objects

The scientifically credible evidence for mind-matter interactions is not the in-your-face big effects that stage magicians are fond of debunking.

Rather, it’s made up of smaller-scale effects that make a certain sense from the perspective of quantum theory


The historical, anecdotal, case study and scientific evidence for clairvoyance is consistent—this ability is real

Precognition, Telepathy, Psychokinesis, and Clairvoyance. All with scientific evidence to back them up. Impossible perhaps from the standard materialistic model of the world, but maybe not so from a holographic model.

Again, I’m going to leave it up to you to go through the evidence Radin presents. There’s just too much for me to go over in a single blog post.

The main takeaway I would get from this review: physcic phenomena may be possible. Take it on as a tentative hypothesis unless you prove it to yourself. DO NOT just listen to me or Radin.

Who Will Love it

Those who have always believed in physic and paranormal activity

Why Does It Suck

It’s just a difficult read if you’re not a scientific person. Like I said, Supernormal reads more like an academic paper than anything else.

Do your best to understand it. But what will really count is experimenting with these ideas for yourself.

Who Will Hate It

Rational, scientific people stuck in their ways

The Wrap Up

Do I believe in physic phenomena? I’m taking an agnostic stance on this one for now.

Unless you have experienced these phenomena for yourself, I’d suggest you’d do the same.

Is there a practical point to studying all this strange, mystical stuff? To me that’s like asking if there’s a point in studying science.

It’s all just understanding. Understanding and modeling.

Get this one of you’re a scientific person who wants to challenge their understanding.

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