Book Name

The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot


Will Melt Your Fucking Brain

One Line Summary

The fundamental nature of the universe EXPOSED

The Setup

What if our entire universe was a hologram?

Not literally in the sense of someone is usually modern holographic technology to render everything we know (shoutout Tupac). But that our universe operates like a hologram.

This question is totally outside the mainstream consciousness of “normal”. And yet, for anyone who has done their research, this is a question that has been around the scientific community for decades now and is taken very seriously by many scientists.

In The Holographic Universe, Talbot explains where this idea came from and all the evidence supporting it. It turns out that not only should we be taking this model seriously, it may be the most accurate model to date.

Why it’s Awesome

I am in love with this book.

The ideas that Talbot presents are more than just “different”. They are fundamentally paradigm shifting for anyone who supports mainstream scientific beliefs.

But Talbot isn’t interested in just proposing wild theories for the hell of it. No. Instead of speculation, Talbot just spends the entire book slamming you with piece of evidence after piece of evidence until you’re basically forced to give in and consider his point of view.

Does that mean everything Talbot talks about is right? Of course not. There are a lot of ideas Talbot talks about that I’m still very skeptical of. But it’s so well written that it’s hard not to be open minded.

Let’s get into the big ideas.

What does it mean to say that the universe is holographic-like?

In a hologram, the actual hologram is fundamentally an illusion. It’s a projection coming from the film strip which in no way resembles the thing projecting. So while the hologram is there, it’s not the “real thing”.

Holograms also are unique in that every piece of a hologram is a microcosm of the whole. Every piece is separate, yet One with the whole hologram.

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you know I’m always talking about how everything is “One thing” and that materialism is fundamentally an illusion. This model gives a sort of more concrete explanation for these ideas.

How could this be? Keep reading.

Spooky Quantum Mechanics

I’m not a physicist, and I’ve found that many people try to use quantum mechanics to justify all sorts of strange stuff. But it’s very well established in the scientific community that there’s some weird shit going on in the quantum world.

At the most fundamental level, physicists believe reality is non-physical. Everything arises out of “fields” and fundamental particles like the electron actually have no size and can act like waves. Even stranger, there is a principle called “non-locality” in which particles seem to behave as if they are not located anywhere at all.

This already gives credence to the idea of a holographic universe. But these ideas are so foreign to us that it’s no wonder that a lot of hand waving happens when you bring this up. You haven’t experienced it.

talks a lot about David Bohm, a famous physicist who had big ideas on what he called the “implicate/explicate order”. Bohm essentially believed that no separation between anything existed and that fundamentally everything was a series of unfoldings.

Out of Body Experiences (OOBE)

Talbot talks a lot about OOBEs. He mentions Robert Monroe, the business who kept a journal of these experiences in his book Journey’s Out of the Body. These experiences are so wildly accepted outside western culture that it’s almost taken for granted. “Crazy” is a relative term that often actually means “I don’t understand”.


Talbot lists example after example of evidence for certain paranormal activity. We’re talking everything from precognition to the ability to survive without food or water to even immunity from fire. Yes, I’m serious.

These are not just “tall tales” either. Many of these are rigorous scientific studies that floored the researchers who conducted them. And yet, you’ve probably never heard of them.

Here are just two examples of different women who seemed to be able to perform this feat.

Talbot also provides strong evidence for physic abilities. He lists people like Carol Ann Dryer who have made a serious living off of their ability to access the consciousness of others.

It’s also likely that auras are not just a myth. The scientific explanation seems to be that auras are a energetic field at a different frequency than what the human eye can see. If this seems strange, realize we easily grant this possibility with electromagnetic, inferred, radio, cosmic background radiation and a whole other spectrum of waves.

The evidence is compelling. Numerous accounts of people throughout history and today have claimed the ability to see auras. And it even seems possible to learn for most people.

Side tangent, I’m not saying you should just believe this or in any paranormal activity.

Any time I come across an idea like this that runs completely counterintuitive to what I already know, the process is as follows:

  • Stay open minded. If you just shut it out immediately without looking into it, you’ve got a self-fulfilling prophecy where of course it will seem false. You’ve never investigated it!
  • Ask yourself, if this person who isn’t crazy could believe something so different than me, what am I missing? What perspectives or experiences might they have that I haven’t considered?
  • Go get try and experience it yourself if applicable. If you read about psychic phenomena, don’t just assume it’s true or false. Go find a psychic and see how it works. Maybe even try and develop the skills yourself
  • Accept it’s a dead end and the person didn’t have a clear picture of reality. Or accept that they did and rearrange your own picture

You won’t be able to do this with everything you hear or read about. But if something seems at least credible or that it could be true, do this process. No matter what happens, your understanding of the world grows.

If you’re following this blog, you need to be doing this process. My understanding is going to be growing and unless you’re growing as well, what I’m talking about will probably just seem stranger and stranger.

Anyways, back to the book.

Why is paranormal activity evidence of a holographic-like universe? Remember we said that in a hologram, everything originates from the same source and that separateness is fundamentally an illusion. With that assumption, suddenly something like clairvoyance doesn’t seem as strange. In fact, it’s almost expected.

In Bohm’s holographic model, reality itself is not “rational” in the way we believe. Rationality is something humans invented in order to understand the world. That means that arationality was actually first and more true to what reality is.

From an arational perspective, there’s not much limit on what is possible. Limits come from rationality. A = A and A therefore cannot be B. If A came before B and C came before A, than C came before B.

But in arationality, these rules don’t apply. This opens up a whole new possible world.

It’s also important to note that all major breakthroughs in human understanding have run completely counterintuitive to what people “knew” at the time. While that isn’t evidence of anything in of itself, it should give you some humbleness.

Maybe, just maybe, our society is making the exact same mistake every society since the beginning of time has made.

I hope you can also see there’s practical value in doing this kind of research. Remember when we talked about the importance of secrets when it comes to business? You think there might be some secrets here to uncover?

I have a very good feeling there is. How far and to what extent, who knows. But it’s silly to imagine that we’ve figured it all out.

Stick with me to find out what those secrets are. This is a treasure hunt, and our treasure on this blog is understanding. Understanding and then using that understanding to create extraordinary results for your life.

Who Will Love It

-Open minded physicist and psychologists

-Anyone hunting for understanding of the world around them

-Those who suspect the validity of some paranormal activity

Why Does It Suck

While I admire Talbot’s methodical research and open mindedness, he is a little lax with what he considers evidence at certain points. Anecdotal stories don’t count for much. So don’t just read this book and start making all kinds of assumptions.

Remember the process I outlined above. Be open minded, but then investigate.

Who Will Hate It

-Those locked into the dogmas of mainstream science

-Those not interested in developing understanding of the world

The Wrap Up

I feel like this blog is really just starting to get good. I’m not running out of books and ideas to share. If anything, the amount of books I want to read is only growing.

We’ve covered a lot of the mainstream Steven Covey ideas behind personal development. And while those will always be relevant, we’re going way beyond that. The ways in which you can grow yourself and your understanding is incredible.

So stick around and follow my blog. Like this post, leave a comment. Share with a friend.

Aurum Reviews is a great start if you’re serious about this journey, but don’t stop there. Don’t think my ideas about the book is the same thing as reading the book yourself. It’s not.

Use Aurum Reviews as a reference. Does the Holographic Universe sound interesting to you? Go check it out yourself. Go research who David Bohm is. This is how you’ll get the maximum benefit of reading these posts.

That’s all for now. Take care 🙂

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