Book Name

The Art of Tantra by Guillermo Ferrara



One Line Summary

Discover the secrets of the ancient art of Tantra

The Setup

This is the second book I’m reviewing on the subject of Tantra. The first one was Enlightened Sex by David Deida. Now that we’ve covered some of the basics, we can go deeper into Tantra itself.

Can sex really be used for self-development / spirituality? The answer is yes. The reason many people discount sex as a means for growth is simply because either:

  • They don’t know
  • Sex is seen as something wrong and “unholy” that must be combated

There is some justification for this. When we think of all the things typically considered “anti-spiritual”, sex is usually right up there with money and drugs. And yes, many people abuse these things in a way that is not all beneficial to self-development.

But spirituality is not separate from the material world. Spirituality is everywhere and in everything, and so anything CAN be used for growth. It’s all a matter of YOUR INTENTIONS for using this tool.

On this blog, we’re going to be looking at using sex in a positive way, not like a drug addict who just needs to get off.

Okay, rant over. Let’s get to the book.

The Art of Tantra is a full look at using Tantra for personal and spiritual growth. It approaches it not from the perspective of Tantra as something you do in a bedroom for 20 minutes, but rather as a way of living. That’s why it’s called an Art.

Why it’s Awesome

There’s a lot of great things about this book. First off, it opens with a look at the detailed history of where Tantra comes from. This is not something made up by New-Age authors. This is an ancient practice that has been going on for 1000’s of years by people who recognized its power.

That’s important to realize because otherwise it’s easy to dismiss Tantra as some “airy fairy” spiritual nonsense. Rather than understanding that this gets RESULTS, and has for countless people.

We’re not that special that it couldn’t also work for us.

I also love the depth this book goes to. It teaches you about Kundalini energy and the Chakras. It teaches you energy exercises. It teaches you about social conditioning. It even teaches you about meditation, yoga and nutrition.

That’s because ALL these things fall into the study of Tantra. No understanding would be complete without it.

I have lots of reviews that talk about those things, so I won’t go into it here.

Another thing you’re going to learn: practical tips for having sex. That’s obviously a big part of it too. Ferrara presents ideas from the Kama Sutra is a very accessible way.

In short, this is a modern age-spiritual handbook.

Why Does It Suck

This books sucks because it much turns Tantra almost into a religion. No, I don’t want to perform rituals and weird dances and shit. I realize these things may have their benefits, but there’s no hard and fast rules here.

It also discounts the rougher, dirtier side of sex. Where is the dirty talk? Where is the BDSM? Is sex really always just about “making love under the moonlight”, like some cheesy movie? Because that’s the impression you would get from reading this book.

Also, stay away if you’re a scientific person. I give this warning a lot, but it’s even more true for this book. It’s got all sorts of pseudo-science and vague sounding spiritual concepts. Not to say there isn’t a benefit to these ideas. Just giving a fair warning.

The Wrap Up

Good book is you’re interested in learning more of the basics about Tantra as a way of life and it’s history. Otherwise, there’s better books out there.

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