Book Name

Haunted Universe: The True Knowledge of Enlightenment by Steven Norquist


Don’t even torrent it

One Line Summary

Bald nerd tries to scare people into buying his shitty book

Why it’s Awesome

It isn’t.

Why Does It Suck

Man fuck this guy. I don’t even want to write this review because I know it’s giving this thing he calls a “book” publicity. But oh well. Let’s count the ways in which this book is a complete waste:

  • It’s a 100 page book with about two lines written on each page. That’s right. This mother fucker basically wrote a twitter post and called it a book. Only $13.99!
  • There is zero substance. Three quarters of the book is simply Norquist saying vague things that sound like they could be scary, if anyone could know what the hell he was talking about
  • He explains nothing in detail. Why write something of value when you can make vague, scary sounding statements instead?

The Wrap Up

It’s not that you won’t learn anything from this book. It’s that you can’t learn anything from this book. I could say that the universe is filled with purple goblins coming to fuck your dog in the ass, but if I provide no argument for this claim then it’s just noise. And that’s what this is. Pure useless noise.

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