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Jesus: My Autobiography by Tina Spalding



One Line Summary

The New Testament 2.0

The Setup

If you’ve read my review of Conversations with God, you know I’ve been working with a therapist for the last couple months. Jesus: My Autobiography is the second book that he’s had me read. Spalding claims that she was channeling Jesus Christ during the writing of this book, and the result is a complete rewrite of his biography.

The reason my therapist recommended this book is that “Jesus” does a lot of railing against organized religion and I grew up Catholic. Even went to an all-male Catholic high school. He also wanted to introduce me to the idea of the emotional guidance system. More on this later.

Why it’s Awesome

Organized religion really has made a bastardization of the core of religious truths. The way most people who claim to be religious act, you’d think they had never read their own books. I’ll talk more in depth on this in future reviews, but for now I’ll just say that I mostly agree with Jesus. The church is a man made, not a “God” made institution in the true spiritual sense of it.

I also like this concept that “Jesus” brings up about the emotional guidance system. Essentially the idea is that every human being has a natural guidance system in order to help them navigate the complexities of life. You know you’re on the right path when you feel at “peace”.

The problem is, people have never learned how to properly use this system. They seek “peace” through false means like TV, alcohol, drugs, etc. Anything that numbs your pain but you know probably isn’t healthy for you. So they fail to get the wisdom that their own guidance system can bring to them.

My therapist claims that I do use this system. And he’s right. Much of my life has just been me following what seems to be an inner intuition. You could also just call it “following your heart”.  It’s never in the long-term steered me wrong, but it takes tremendous courage to follow because it isn’t logical. You don’t have any real proof that things will work out. It takes faith.

Another topic I wanted to cover that this book directly talks about is this issue of Gurus and authority figures. Many times in this book, Jesus talks about how he is just another man like everyone else, not some divine being that you have to worship.

This is both liberating and extremely important. As you get deeper into self-development, the more you start to see this truth that no man is really much different from any other in terms of ability. What one person can do or accomplish, another can do. Any differences you imagine mostly come from your own mental projections and have no basis in reality.

And yet, everyone wants to give authority to other people. They want others to tell them what to think and what is true. Holding an opinion that almost no other person agrees with is borderline impossible for the human mind. We need others to verify our beliefs.

Authority is an illusion. I run a self-development group here in Miami, Florida and I can tell you that my “power” is only what people have given to me. When the group first started, no one gave a shit about me. But now that we’re pretty successful, some of the people who join look at me and the other founders almost as if we were Gods. We’re “above them”.

This is completely detrimental to self-development. While it’s extremely important to have role models and teachers, you will never be successful at anything at high level if you can’t think for yourself. And that’s because at certain points in your growth, no one will be able to help you. A leader has to be able to think for themselves.

So forget about everything I say. Forget about anything Tony Robbins says. Forget about anything Jesus or the Buddha or whoever the fuck says. Every belief you have should be open for change.

In fact, if you’re interested in Enlightenment then looking to outside authority will keep you asleep forever. All beliefs are second-hand and Enlightenment cannot be achieved through anything but first-hand experience.

Why Does It Suck

There’s a lot of New-Age bullshit in this book that we can cut right through. At one point Jesus claims that when he becomes Enlightened, suddenly he’s able to all sorts of weird shit like see energy fields, heal people’s illnesses and even come back from the dead. No.

I’ve never been Enlightened but I do believe I’ve gotten a taste of it. There are no mythical powers or any of the other nonsense that New Agers talk about. Enlightenment is just the realization of the truth of No-Self. Much of “you” and your experience of reality doesn’t change at all. You’ve just had a case of mistaken identity. There’s nothing irrational about it and it’s completely verifiable via direct experience.

Also, let’s do away with the myth of channeling. When you die, you die. Your “spirit”, which most people just think of as their ego, is never coming back or talking to other people. This book was not written by Jesus Christ, it was written by Tina Spalding. It’s painfully obvious to see her bias in the words, especially when she starts talking about the mistreatment of women. Turns out “Jesus” could pass for a modern day feminist.

I hate bullshit like this because it keeps people from answering the real hard questions about life. But it’s pointless to complain about. People don’t want the real answers, they want the answers they want. That includes me.

The Wrap Up

You can skip reading the vast majority of this book. It’s just more fairytales and New Age nonsense. But there are a few parts in here worth reading, and for that reason I’d still recommend it to ex-Catholics or anyone wanting to learn more about their intuition.

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