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Your Erroneous Zones by Wayne Dyer


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Why it’s Awesome

This is not only one of the best-selling self-development books of all time, it’s one of the best-selling books of all time. Wayne Dyer is a legend and hero to legions of people. And it all started here, with his first book entitled Your Erroneous Zones.

This book is extremely useful for anyone looking to learn the foundations of self-development. All the material is presented in a way that is extremely easy to read and understand. That’s kind of Wayne Dyer’s style: he’s like a wise father passing down those simple nuggets of truth.

Let’s crack into the material itself. One of the first erroneous zones Dyer talks about is feeling like a victim. I’ve talked about this mindset in other reviews but I’ll go over it again here.

A victim is primarily someone who believes that their problems in life come from the external world instead of their own inner beliefs. They feel like life is happening to them instead of happening for them. They think their past predicts their future. Most of their days running around reacting to life circumstances and putting out fires instead of being proactive.

What’s crazy is that this mindset is so pervasive, so deeply ingrained in today’s society that it is considered completely normal. It’s like trying to tell fish that you can live outside water. To not be a victim is to be “strange”.

I’m not saying everyone runs around crying all day about hard their life is. Although some people do that too. It’s in the subtle things.

As an experiment, for the next week just pay attention to how many times you catch you or someone you know using the words “I can’t” or some other excuse. There is never an excuse. That shit is just noise that successful people will step all over.

Can you succeed at everything you try in life? Absolutely not. Failure is part of any learning process. But there’s still never an excuse. If you want to learn how to become an amazing musician, you could do that. If you wanted to become a professional basketball player, you could do that. The only question is, do you want to?

The next erroneous zone is needing other people’s approval. Again, this is something I’ve touched on in earlier reviews but I love ranting about this concept because it’s been such a personal battle for me. Wanting approval from people is one thing. Everyone enjoys some external validation. But needing approval is so fucked up and stupid that it sometimes blows my mind that people do it. It basically immobilizes you and turns you into this boring zombie that’s completely average in every way. And it causes crazy amounts of internal stress.

Here’s the final knockout punch to the fucked up strategy of feeling like you need approval: it’s not even real.

Think about it. Has anyone actually ever reached into your head and turned the nobs to make you feel a certain emotion about their reaction?

No they haven’t. You do it to yourself.

If Dyer is right and feeling good about yourself is an internal choice and nothing more, think about all the ramifications that might have on your life. What might you be doing that you’re not doing right now? What are you doing right now that you wouldn’t be doing anymore?

The next crucial erroneous zone are feeling guilt and worry. It’s again a testament to the power of groupthink that we consider these emotions normal. What positive outcome has ever resulted from feeling guilty about the past? You don’t need to feel guilt about who you are to recognize when you’ve made a mistake.

As far as worrying, let me quote our Lord and Savior:

“Worrying is fucking stupid”

Jesus, Mathew 6:27

I’ll be honest, I still occasionally struggle big time with this one. Money is a constant source of discomfort for me since I’m out there hustling. But the progress I’ve made has been incredible. My risk tolerance is way up thanks to my ability to throw worrying out the window.

The fact is that worrying just doesn’t help you in anyway. In fact, it usually hurts you because now instead of fixing the problem that caused you to worry, you’ve got to deal with this bullshit emotion.

The final erroneous zones are a bit more obvious but no less insidious. They are the errors of procrastination, independence and getting stuck in your comfort zone.

Procrastination sucks for obvious reasons. You want to accomplish something but you put it off. You’re at war with yourself. You’re neurotic.

Getting suck in your comfort zone is an interesting one. Most people are desperately seeking comfort. They feel overwhelmed and just want to be able to relax. But what is life without expansion and challenges? You’d get fucking bored. But the human instinct is so strong to minimize time and effort that this happens all the time. It’s the way in which the majority of people live

Why Does It Suck

Your Erroneous Zones are the very basics of self-development work. So if you’ve been at this for a long time, you’re probably not going to have any earth shattering epiphanies or learn a lot of new information. And lot of it is really is just common sense that a lot of people are aware of.

It’s also not the most practical book. Okay great, so I should stop needing approval. Now what? How does someone actually go about that process?

The Wrap Up

Your Erroneous Zones is definitely worth a read if you’re new to self-development or just want a refresher on the basics. It’s never a waste of time to do either of those things because you’re still building awareness for the right habits you want to cultivate.

I read this book when I was already pretty deep into self-development so it didn’t exactly blow my mind. But I can see that the information is here is still excellent and well written for someone who isn’t in my situation. So be sure to check it out.

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