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Refuting the External World by Goran Backlund


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One Line Summary

You’re in the Matrix

The Setup

I hope you’re an open minded person. Because today I’m going to fuck with your head.

Have you ever noticed that all there really is to life is sensory perception? Everything you experience comes either in the form of seeing, hearing, taste, touch, smell or thoughts. These things just pop up and you notice them.

Have you also ever noticed that being aware of sensory perceptions is a prerequisite for them to exist in your reality? You’ve never experienced anything you were not aware of first.

In fact, perception really isn’t that accurate of a word. There isn’t really perceiving going on, it’s kind of like experience is happening and you’re just aware of it. Isn’t that interesting?

You may have no idea yet, but you’ve stumbled across the deepest rabbit hole there is. The end of human knowledge. The end of everything you’ve ever been searching for. The end of…you.

This is what Refuting the External World is all about. Drawing on ideas from Eastern philosophy, Backlund’s goal by the end of reading this book is to have you doubting that “you” as an identity exist at all. You’re living in the Matrix on your mind, and you have no idea. Consider this blog post the equivalent of Morpheus contacting Neo for the first time.

Why it’s Awesome

Spiritual Enlightenment. What is that?

Is it some new -ge fairy tale idea? Is it just philosophy with no real practical value? Is it some crazy idea that a bunch of ancient people thought up but us now modern rational people have evolved past? Why are there so many people still to this day writing books on this topic?

Spiritual Enlightenment, as Jed McKenna would say, is that which cannot be simpler. It’s the realization of what is True about your experience as a human being on earth. It’s the waking up to your real existential nature and the detachment from ego. And if what I’ve learned is true, it’s a very real, practical thing.

The problem is though that this stuff cannot be communicated properly through words. Enlightenment is more like an experience, not a concept you just learn about and either believe in or don’t. And so the only real thing teachers of Enlightenment can do is try and lead you to a place where you can experience it for

Refuting the External World is an Enlightenment book, although Backlund doesn’t spend much time talking about it. This is a guide to waking up, a step-by-step process of “clicks” that need to go off in order for a person to see what is True. He does this by taking us through a coaching session with one of his students. By the end, you’ll probably be doubting a lot of beliefs you took for granted about life.

I won’t spoil the surprise by running through the entire process with you here. It’s better if you read it from Backlund himself. But the long and short of it is that we do not live in some objective, external world. These are concepts that the mind has created as a model for practical functioning, but they’re just concepts. They don’t actually have any existence or substance in reality itself.

If you want to wake up, read this book. If you want to “be spiritual” or “be loving” or whatever than stay away. This is for hardcore seekers only.

Why Does It Suck

This is an extremely advanced book for self-development, so if your main concerns are basic goals like curing depression or losing weight, this book is not for you. Also, don’t read this book if you’re not expecting to go through some emotional difficulty. You’re going to resist the ideas presented in this book because they’re extremely threatening to the ego.

Not everyone is going to resonate with this book. It’s for more of the dark, Jed McKenna crowd. It might be the slap in the face you need, but I suggest either way balance reading this book with other books about Enlightenment. Because it’s very easy to get a biased perspective by just reading one source.

The Wrap Up

To be fair, this whole Enlightenment could be a sham. I read this book and I’m not Enlightened. I can’t say I’ve ever had a direct experience of it at all. But my gut says that there’s something here with this topic. It makes too much sense to ignore. So stick with me here on this journey of personal discovery.

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