Book Name

I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell by Tucker Max



One Line Summary

Drunk asshole tells stories about having more fun than you

Why it’s Awesome

Tucker Max is an asshole.

Or at least he was. From his recent interviews it’s safe to say he’s changed quite a bit. But I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell is not the story of “new” Tucker.

I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell is a collection of hilarious stories regarding the drunken adventures of Max and his law school companions. He insults people, fucks everything that moves and causes massive chaos. It borders on the sociopathic. Hilarious, if you have a fucked up sense of humor like me.

So why am I reviewing this book on my blog? What does it have to do with self-development?

The fact is that if you’re reading this, you’re probably on some level a people-pleaser. You try to manipulate people’s opinions of you and worry about what they think. This causes massive problems in life your from minor stress to failing to live your life dream.

Tucker Max is the opposite. He is detached from obeying many social norms. That’s what you need. And reading this book is like a steroid injection for your “not-giving-a-fuck” muscle.

I’m going to make a claim: The ability to ignore social rules when necessary is not only an essential part to living a happy life, it’s also the sign of a mature adult.

Children need strict rules for how to live. They have no life experience of their own on which to judge events and so they need to be given “do’s” and “don’ts”. Then when you’re an adult you put aside these rules and look at things FOR YOURSELF.

Why else do we have these rules? Why do we socially shame some behaviors and not others? It all comes down to CONTROL.

By making you believe certain behaviors are “bad” or that you’re incapable of success, it ensures that you never even show up to the fight

This is really the key thing to take away from this book. It’s not to become a drunken asshole. It’s to look at life through your own eyes.

Here’s the thing about people pleasing: it’s self-destructive. You’re like a snake turning around and biting itself because it’s a strategy that NEVER will work. You aren’t a “nice” person, you’re just someone who tries and manipulates people. But people see through it. And that is why you fail.

Why Does It Suck

Let’s face it, this book is mostly entertainment only. You aren’t going find any self-development exercises here for “gaining confidence” or some other shit like that. You’re just going to have a good laugh at all the ridiculous things Max has done and the pure audacity of it all.

If you’re a woman reading this, I also can’t say how well you’re going to be able to relate to this male-dominated point of view. But I’d encourage you to give it a shot anyway. You might learn something about the male mind.

The Wrap Up

There’s a part of me that resonates heavily with Max. He likes to play hard but he’s also an incredibly sharp guy and extremely authentic. And reading this book helped me get rid of a lot of bullshit people-pleaser tendencies I had. Highly recommended, especially if you’re a guy.

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