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Thought Vibration by William Atkinson


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Why it’s Awesome

If you’re new to the law of Attraction, this is an awesome book. It presents the power of positive thinking in as straight forward way as possible with as little of the new age bullshit.

The Law of Attraction is essentially the idea that what you desire on the deepest SUBCONSCIOUS level will manifest. Conscious desires are usually just rationalizations.

For instance, think about the fact that when you have negative thoughts, they will almost inevitably manifest in your physiology when you’re talking to people. Olivia Fox Cadane talks about this in The Charisma Myth. These physiological ticks will cause people to distrust you or at least view you as unconfident.

Don’t believe me? Watch a nervous person try public speaking for the first time. Notice how they will always have ticks that reflect their inner state. It isn’t that they have a bad habit of not making eye contact, it’s that they are so nervous they can’t make eye contact. This allows them to not accomplish their main goal of not rocking the boat and getting killed by an angry mob of people. A self-fulling prophecy has occurred.

Why you want to say the Law of Attraction works is mostly irrelevant. In terms of practicality, the point is to notice that it does work.

This isn’t to say that just because a person has a thought it will automatically manifest. But a wise person will still see the value that comes from learning to deal with thought.

One such technique is mindfulness as discussed in the Confidence Gap. This is the ability to observe your thoughts impartially, thereby detaching from them and loosening their effect on your behavior.

But is that the best we can do? Atkinson explains that it’s not. Thoughts, he argues, are more like habits than individual entities.

Think of someone you know who is always negative no matter the circumstances. Now think of someone you know who is always positive. Chances are their external circumstances aren’t that much different than each other. But what is different is their thought habits.

But any habit can be broken. Everyone has some habit that at some point they’ve kicked. So if thoughts are mostly just unconscious habit, why couldn’t your thought patterns be changed as well?

This is exactly what Atkinson explains to you how to do. It’s a simple, but long and not easy process to make these changes. But it’s incredibly worth it

Why Does it Suck

The only fault I can find with this book is that Atkinson’s methods can create a lot of inner resistance. Once you KNOW you shouldn’t have negative thoughts, your immediate inclination will be to beat yourself up over having negative thoughts. And of course you know you shouldn’t beat yourself up so beat yourself up over beating yourself up. It’s insanity.

So what is the solution? Do you just accept your negative thoughts? I don’t think so. Much like AA, the first step is admitting there’s a problem. Accept you have negative thoughts the way someone accepts they’re an alcoholic. You don’t get upset about it. You just realize this is what it is and that it’s not your fault. Only from that point can progress begin.

The Wrap Up

This is one of the first and best books written on the Law of Attraction. At only around 100 pages, it’s more than worth reading through at least once. This book could easily change your life if you’re new to these ideas and will get rid of the nonsense.

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