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Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuck


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One Line Summary

Gary Vee teaches you the secrets to social media and micro-content marketing

Why it’s Awesome

What would you say if I said that 80% of your business expenses should be going towards creating quality free content for your customers? Does that sound crazy?

Welcome to the world of micro-content marketing.

Gary Vaynerchuck (Gary Vee) is a social media legend in the entrepreneur world. He conquered both Twitter and YouTube before most people knew what they were. Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook is a direct look into how to dominate this digital world.

The first thing Vaynerchuck does is eliminate the classic limiting beliefs surrounding social media. No, Facebook isn’t “going anywhere”. Neither is YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or SnapChat. The fact that some CEOs think these companies are flukes and that their business doesn’t need to learn how to master them only shows how out of touch with reality some modern CEOs are.

After Vaynerchuck finishes hammering home the importance of social media, he moves into exploring individually each social media platform and what good and bad content looks like. Here’s a brief rundown for each.

Facebook: Only interesting content that convinces users to share it becomes replicating. Visual appeal is a must

Twitter: Did you get to the point quickly? Choose your hashtags wisely

Pinterest: Are the photos high quality? Are the images easily categorized for boards?

Instagram: Do your photos have an artsy / indie feel? Do you have enough hashtags?

Tumblr: Did you make a cool animated GIF?

If you follow Vaynerchuck’s advice for creating micro-content for each platform, you will build a media presence in no time.

The book wraps up with talking about the importance of watching out for emerging social media platforms. While the giants listed above aren’t going anywhere, new platforms are already emerging. As a business owner or someone who just wants to dominate the social media scene, you must be aware of these changes.

Why Does It Suck

There’s a fundamental problem with writing a book like this that Vaynerchuck admits: the rapid evolution social media. Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook was published in 2013 and already a lot of it feels dated. There’s almost no mention of SnapChat, which in till recently had a reputation as an app only for sexting. Periscope and Facebook Live are growing as live stream services. is being flocked to by young kids. That’s the speed at which social media is changing.

Also, no love for YouTube? You could argue that videos aren’t micro-content so it doesn’t fit the theme of the book, but I don’t know how you could write a book about social media marketing without mentioning it. Tons of businesses use YouTube as a form of advertising.

The Wrap Up

The information is slightly dated but most of it still remains highly relevant. I see businesses still make many of these social media basic mistakes. But if all you get out of this book is the importance of social media marketing, it will still be well worth the read.

This mindset that “social media is important” is what will fuel your desire to keep up with the current trends and keep your ear to the ground. Someone who isn’t bought into the idea of social media isn’t going to be an early adopter of the next YouTube. They’re going to be the person who is just getting on MySpace when everyone is already moving onto Facebook.

Don’t be that guy. And don’t let your business suffer from that result.

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