When you’re a Cleaner…you have a dark side that refuses to be taught to be good

-Tim S Grover

What Is Dark Improvement Week?

I know you’re out there. You have a burning desire to change your life on some level, but everyone who offers you change looks like cheesy smiling morons who you want to punch in the face. You’re the people who would rather look up to Tyler Durden than Tony Robbins. You don’t want to be told to “think more positive”, you’re angry and want answers.

Welcome to Dark Improvement Week.

From 6/22/16 – 6/29/16, I’m going to be posting reviews specifically from books that embody this darker way of looking at the world. There will be no talk of “look on the bright side”. We’re sending a piercing gaze directly at reality.

Why Dark Improvement Week?

I wanted to do this because I know there are people who are out there who will only resonate with books of like this. I’m not going to tell you not to be angry or selfish. Why deny a part of ourselves that’s real? Nothing that exists shouldn’t exist. Let’s embrace it instead.

And for people who have their head buried in a pile of “feel good bullshit”, this week will rip them out of their fantasy land.

Some of the books I will be reviewing this week have been some of the most powerful I’ve ever read. They have also been some of the most devastating and reality destroying I’ve ever read. For that reason I hesitate to even share some of these books.

You’re not just playing with fire, you’re throwing yourself in headfirst.

If you’re not ready for that then I suggest staying away my blog this week.

See you tomorrow for the first review 😉