Book Name

Unlabel by Mark Ecko


Sit Down and Read

One Line Summary

Hip hop makes an awkward white kid from New Jersey significantly cooler

Why it’s Awesome

This is the autobiography of Marc Echo, entrepreneur and founder of Ecko Unlimited.  He grows from an awkward kid from New Jersey to partying it up with P. Diddy and doing deals with Tommy Hilfiger. His sense of humor is fantastic and shares with us his most in depth thoughts on what it takes to build a household name brand with nothing but passion and vision.

A constant theme throughout this book is authenticity. In Echo’s opinion, this is the key to business and growing a brand. You must know who you are and express it freely and honestly. He is constantly linking the lessons he learned in growing Ecko Unlimited back to what he refers to as the authenticity formula. The formula looks like this:


In language you can understand, AWE = What You Say * What You Do + Capacity for Change*Emotional Impact^(Vision Of The Future). The pieces come together nicely when you actually read the book.

Another interesting part of this book is Ecko’s call for you to discard all labels as a person. This is a really Zen idea that I talk about in some of my other reviews like The Power of Now. But instead of a spiritual teacher talking about these ideas, we have a practical, everyday entrepreneur who has achieved real world success.

Why Does It Suck

There isn’t anything inherently bad about this book. But there just isn’t anything that tremendously stands out for me either. However you’re picturing this book, that’s probably close to what you’re gonna get. It’s a nice story and he has some nice ideas about business that people could definitely implement, but it’s not going to blow your mind.

The Wrap Up

Every person is a brand in the modern work arena. For anyone looking to grow to their potential, this is for you. I also highly recommend being a physical copy of the book because Ecko is constantly using pictures to make his points.

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