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UltraMind Solution by Dr. Mark Hyman


Sit Down and Read

One Line Summary

The food you’re eating sucks shit. Eat more vegetables

Why it’s Awesome

Our food industry is totally fucked in the United States. See the documentaries King Corn and Food Inc. So essentially we’ve failed as a nation as the most basic of levels, i.e the food that keeps us alive. What the fuck? Thankfully Dr. Mark Hyman is here to put people back on track.

Hyman is a physician who got plug pulled from his brain power by eating poor food. Yes, brain function and nutrition is directly related. As such, he went on an obsessive crusade to figure out what was going on.

This book is amazing because not only does it lay out all the science beyond modern nutrition, but he provides huge six week in depth guide for exactly how to implement these changes in life. Literally, if you don’t give a shit about the science you can just skip to that part of the book and you’d be all good. And let’s face it, most people wouldn’t know enough science to say whether he was right or wrong anyway.

The basics of it is this: eliminate trans fats and eat more vegetables, fruits and essential fats. Super simple but how many people actually does it?

Why Does It Suck

I’m not a science guy so I was totally lost as he rambled on about random biology facts. Also, the dude is kind of paranoid. In one of the last sections of the book, he lays out a plan that would essentially force you to live in a bubble in order to have “optimal health”.

The Wrap Up

I love this book but honestly you don’t even need to read it in order to get the practical benefit. Skip all the science stuff if you’re willing to just take him at his word but study the nutrition guide hard and follow it as closely as possible.

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