Book Name

The Power of Now


Will Melt Your Fucking Brain

One Line Summary

Strange German dude schools your ass on what it means to be happy and successful

Why it’s Awesome

The Power of Now is one of those books where every word I read I found myself more and more amazed. While Eckhart Tolle is considered a leading spiritual teacher of the day, his work is of a practical nature to anyone.

Tolle teaches us that the key to deep fulfillment is something called Presence. To be present is to have your attention fully on whatever is happening at this exact moment and not be lost in thought.

This is the foundation for all activities most people perceive as enjoyable, such as skiing or reading a book. Time seems to end and we are fully absorbed in what we are doing.

But let’s go beyond just enjoying the present moment. Let’s say you don’t give a shit about being happy. You just want practical results and this “be happy” stuff sounds like a new age hippie just farted.

But here’s where Tolle fucks you in the mind: not only is being present increase your fulfillment, but you’re also more likely to be effective at whatever task you’re doing.

Why? Well when you’re fully absorbed in a task, that’s when it has your maximum focus. You’re diverting all of your faculties to only accomplishing said task. It’s not a coincidence that coaches will often instruct athletes to do things like “keep your eye on the ball”.

But it goes far beyond just sports. Whether you want to be an effective public speaker, writer, parent or lover, the key is developing Presence. Read The Power of Now to figure out how.

Why Does It Suck

When I first starting reading the Power of Now, I was brand new to the ideas of enlightenment and could barely figure out anything this dude was trying to say. Overtime I’ve come to understand it but it’s definitely not the easiest read for enlightenment beginners.

The Wrap Up

Tolle is a champ. Buy it, read it and let it grow in your brain. And do it Now.

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