Book Name

Purple Cow by Seth Godin



One Line Summary

Businesses can’t get away with just marketing bullshit anymore

Why it’s Awesome

There’s a revolution going on and businesses that aren’t keeping up are going to die. Remember the days when the most successful companies were those that could market the best? Your product could suck but if you could afford better TV ads than your competitor, you would probably win. The Purple Cow changes all that.

What is a Purple Cow? A Purple Cow is a product that is unique. A Purple Cow is innovative. A Purple Cow makes people say “wow” and offers them an experience.

In short, it’s a product that actually brings massive value to its customers.

If you’re an average person, you might be saying something like “well, isn’t that what every company tries to do?”. Oh poor, naïve average person. Time for an education.

A capitalist company does not focus on trying to make a useful product. Their focus is making a profit. If that means manufacturing something shitty but that is easily marketable, someone will do it. In fact this is exactly what the majority of business has been for years.

Godin argues that this way is dead. In the era of social media and endless stimulation, the most valuable commodity has become people’s attention. Most have learned to tune out the marketing of generic products. What sticks in people’s minds are only products that drastically stand out.

A Purple Cow.

This isn’t to say every company needs to reinvent the wheel. Sometimes just the smallest of tweaks can make a Purple Cow product. But creativity has never been so relevant for business.

Businesses that want to crush the creativity of their employees and make them mindless drones will suffer the consequences of failing to keep up with the times.

Why Does It Suck

The book is a bit paranoid when it comes to innovation. I know plenty of people who still make tons of money in very traditional ways such as Real Estate. So just because your product isn’t super innovative, that doesn’t mean to necessarily freak out and shut down shop.

The Wrap Up

If you are a modern era entrepreneur you must read this book. The Purple Cow is the lens which I filter all products that I desire to put out. If it’s not a Purple Cow, it’s not getting released. Everyone I know who is truly successful in business does the same. Anything else is honestly just a waste of time.

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